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Dog Training With Cooperation, Not Coercion.™

Innovative Reality Dog Training & Dog Behavior Consulting is based on highly effective, humane, science driven and, most important, gentle positive reinforcement methods utilizing the most current research in canine learning and canine behavior./p>

Meet Your Dog

About me, Madeline Aronson Friedman, M.A., dog behavior expert, consultant, and training expert: You can trust me in all aspects as a trainer, including that I am insured as a NY Dog Trainer, NJ Dog Trainer, and Florida Dog Trainer: I hold a permanent NJ State Certification in Education since 1992. As a state certified instructor, I am well versed in educating others and in teaching to many different styles of learning.


As well, my fingerprints are on file with law enforcement as free of any criminal history, and you can be sure that you are inviting an instructor free of any criminal activity into the safety of your home. Not many trainers can make this claim and may not have been background checked. I hold a graduate (Master”s) degree and am formally educated at university in the arts, counseling psychology, and animal science. This ensures that the service you receive will be up-to-date, articulate, well-informed, and compassionately and professionally delivered at the highest level. You may ask: “I hear about positive reinforcement” all the time, but what does that really mean? Positive reinforcement means that I encourage and focus on reinforcing your dog for appropriate behavior with no, or minimal, corrections for “mistakes.” Unwanted or undesirable behavior is ignored, and if not reinforced, extinguishes (goes away). Corrections usually come from the environment, not the trainer, so no negative associations are made with the trainer, or with people in general, for the dog, which is a very important aspect of training a dog and socializing a puppy. Positive Reinforcement training has been scientifically proven to be most effective in the long term for training dogs without any resulting “fallout,” or negative, unwanted repercussions resulting from punishment, such as fear, anxiety or aggression associated with the person making the “correction” or applying the “punisher.” With positive reinforcement training, there is no need for punishment. For embedded undesirable behaviors which have become habits for your dog, I will assess and evaluate what environmental or inadvertent reinforcers are causing the behaviors to continue, and I will then develop a protocol to resolve these behaviors. If people in the home or the community need to be safe while these behaviors are being resolved, I can help you develop a protocol that keeps everyone safe while your dog is being trained for new, more appropriate behaviors.

Dog Training

Innovative Reality Dog Training & Dog Behavior Consulting is entering its 15th year of helping dogs and their owners communicate with each other and lead the best lives possible together in celebration of the human-canine bond. Toward this goal, Madeline recently earned her certificate in Client Communication and Relations from a well-known Animal Behavior school.


The course included over 15 modules of study, was taught by Ph.D.s in animal behavior, including Behavior Analytic techniques in relation to behavior modification and problem solving, Re-homing and Other Decisions when the dog can’t stay, Understanding and Managing Family Dynamics, techniques to Optimize Client Follow Through, what to do if customers aren’t seeing results, and more. The course required completion of quizzes after each module with a minimum passing grade of 85.

Dog Training

Innovative Reality Dog Training & Dog Behavior Consulting will put you at ease from the moment your trainer, Madeline, enters your home. She will talk with you to obtain relevant information and then take gentle charge of your situation and start helping you immediately, whether your situation be prevention of problem behaviors in a puppy, or addressing existing problem behaviors in your mature dog.


Madeline takes into consideration all members of the family, including other pets; the environment; the behavior of the dog(s) which she assesses at her first visit; and the expectations and goals of her customers. Madeline will work with you on having reasonable expectations within the most reasonable time period as well as behavior evaluate your dog and do a risk assessment for you, if applicable. IT is Madeline’s goal to get you and your dog where you need to be behaviorally and with training in the most economical time frame possible, while also not cutting corners.

How to Get Started

First, fill out the Contact Form and send it to us, or call us at 646-265-8743 and leave us your name, location, call back number, and the best times to reach you.
How Training and Behavior Modification Work:
When you call, or when we call you back within two hours, your name, e-mail, location and a brief history of your dog will be taken over the phone. A skilled assistant will know what questions to ask you about your dog as well as ask you about your priorities and expectations for your dog, or puppy. Trust that our assistants know the right questions to ask in order to get the Trainer the information she needs.



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Madeline trains all ages, all breeds, and specializes in problem behavior prevention in puppies and “good start” training for recently rescued dogs and dogs adopted from a shelter.

Experience Dog Training With Cooperation, Not Coercion.™


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Experience positive reinforcement training and what it can do for the relationship between you and your dog.

Services include: Prevention of unwanted/inappropriate behavior; management and resolution of problem behaviors; introductions between new dogs or other animals; puppy and dog selection; basic to advanced skills training; and, more.