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dog-startedFirst, fill out the Contact Form and send it to us, or call us at 646-265-8743 and leave us your name, location, call back number, and the best times to reach you.
How Training and Behavior Modification Work:
When you call, or when we call you back within two hours, your name, e-mail, location and a brief history of your dog will be taken over the phone. A skilled assistant will know what questions to ask you about your dog as well as ask you about your priorities and expectations for your dog, or puppy. Trust that our assistants know the right questions to ask in order to get the Trainer the information she needs.
We specialize and excel in prevention of problems in puppies, effective training, problem behavior management and resolution, and real-world, sensible problem solving to fit your needs, your family, your home and your lifestyle. Madeline can assist you in having realistic expectations and goals for the time frame in which you expect them. Madeline will patiently and enthusiastically explain as much as you want to know about why certain techniques and methods are being used to train your dog, and what to expect in what reasonable time frame from your dog. She will make the training exercises fun and easy so that you can see results right away, setting your dog up for success. At the first appointment, Madeline does an assessment and evaluation of your dog and your environment, and then discusses reasonable expectations, including risk assessment if applicable, with you and your family. There is a minimum of two appointments, which includes weekly updates and follow-ups from you which are including in your service price.
After the last lesson of two, you will have this same access to Madeline for one month for follow-ups, updates and questions regarding any training that was covered, and to let Madeline know if new issues or concerns arise. After the last lesson of three or more, you will have this access to Madeline for six weeks from the time of your last live appointment with her.
It is highly recommended that you take advantage of these update and follow-up offerings as you are paying for them, and touching base with your Trainer can greatly enhance the training and behavior experience for you and your dog as your Trainer can pick up if you are misapplying a protocol or not applying it as effectively as you can be; or, if the dog’s response to training is not being as successful as it could be with the current protocol and something needs to be changed; etc.